Left Lemon Classes

The Basics Step One

* How to heal your body with food

* How the digestive system works/how to keep it healthy

* How to use the “Left Lemon” Chart                                              

* How to maintain your ideal weight

* How to adapt to a raw food diet

* How essential oils benefit and heal the body

* How negative emotions affect the mind & body

* How to slow the aging process


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The Basics Step Two

* How to release blocks in the meridian systems

* How to per cuss congested lungs

* How to identify irritants to the digestive system

* How to use the “Left Lemon” Chart                                       

* How to identify essential oils and supplements

   that release blocks  in the Digestive tract

* How negative emotions affect the body and where


The Basics Step Three

* Healing emotions with  doTERRA essential oils

* How to identify and release ”subconsciously held” emotions and beliefs affecting your health and relationships


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Class Schedule:

call or email for dates and times

Basics Step 1 NUTRTIONAL


Basics Step 2 PHYSICAL

Basics Step 3 EMOTIONAL


Class Prices

$40.00 per person per class.  Receive a discount of $10.00 total if purchasing all 3 classes together.

* The above rates apply to local Columbia area classes only. No refunds on pre paid classes.  A rain check will be given to individuals for a future class if unable to attend a scheduled class.  All participants must sign up no later than 5 days in advance of classes.


If you would like to host a class for your group we will come to your location; church, yoga class, place of business, clubhouse, etc. 

A minimum of 8 people are required for group classes.  Fees MUST be paid in advance of classes. Please call for rates outside of the Columbia area.


If you have any special requests or questions give me a call or email me @:

Debra Lewis

Holistic Health Coach




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