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So, you all are wondering if the Left Lemon system actually is the real deal, right?

Well, See for yourself!  

Debra Lewis is the perfect example of how the Left Lemon system can help you! It is pretty incredible to watch someone go through the changes like Debra went through! 


Here is her personal success story!

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                       BEFORE                                       AFTER


 I am 54 years old, I have 7 amazing children (yes I gave birth to all 7) and 12 wonderful grandchildren. 

I have a background in massage therapy and DNA/RFA emotional healing therapies. Before moving to West Columbia from Atl. Georgia in 2011, my weight fluctuated between 138-152.  I thought I was eating healthy.  I couldn’t understand why I could not get the last 15 lbs off.  I believed it was mostly due to not exercising consistently. When I did exercise, I became ill because of Lyme’s disease and my body was dumping toxins too quickly, which discouraged me from going to the gym.  I also had painful heavy menstrual cycles that no supplement or hormone treatment could completely correct. Doctors suggested I have a hysterectomy.  : {

I didn’t understand that my food choices contained many toxins and empty calories that were contributing to the poor health, excess water and fat in my body.  I had experience working in an herb shop for 4 years and knew about the benefits of herbal supplements, which I took on a regular basis. I followed the advice of several naturopathic doctors who were very knowledgeable, I saw some improvement in my health.  I was told that I needed to eat every 3 hours because I was hypoglycemic.  And drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. No one ever mentioned my diet or calorie intake. 

As an emotional healing practitioner, I was well aware that negative emotions are the other half of the equation and a recipe for poor health if left out.  I knew I needed to do more emotional healing work in order for me to progress.  Moving to SC helped me achieve a higher level of healing as I continued to work on my unresolved issues.  

It wasn’t until I began working along with Dr. Max, following the advice he gave his patients and began using the Left Lemon System, that my health started to improve for the better.

He explained to me that I was hypoglycemic because I was eating too many simple carbs and eating too often, and that I needed to do the 30/30/40 diet.  I began eating balanced meals with 30% good fat, 30% protein and 40% complex carbs. I ate only 2 times a day, stopped drinking water, except for a few sips to down supplements.

He said I had enough stored water in my body already, and cutting back on water would force the body to go after it.  I got most of my water anyway from eating a 70% raw diet. I used lemons and red grapefruit when I was thirsty instead of drinking water.  I began using doTERRA essential oils for physical as well as emotional issues.  To sum up how I feel about the oils; “They go everywhere I go!”  

I lost weight very quickly in the first 4 months.  I had to sew up most of my clothes so they’d fit me until I could afford to buy more!   It’s a year later and I am now down to 110 lbs.!!!  I never thought I could lose this much weight by changing what I was eating! I thought;” If I could just get down to 125, I would be happy”. 

Exercise is very important, however, I lost all the weight by changing my diet alone.  I need to also mention that removing all mercury fillings in my teeth played a major role in improving my health. 

The following are positive changes that naturally occurred from eating a 70% raw diet and living a more positive lifestyle:

I’m no longer hypoglycemic, my menstrual cycle and hot flashes stopped after several months-thank the Lord! The pores on my face are smaller, the red lines around my nose are almost gone, my thighs are smaller (I thought that was a genetic curse!!)  I sleep better, the need for chiropractic adjustments are fewer; I am more flexible and have lots more energy. 

Fears that create negative emotions like anxiety and depression are minimal concerns at best.

Family and patients in the office were noticing the weight loss and making comments like; “You look so good, how did you lose weight so fast?” My reply was, “I’m just eating like Max tells everybody to eat”.  I simply trusted his advice, I believed everything he told me and I did it.  When I realized that most of our patients did not understand the Left Lemon System I decided to teach classes along with another therapist, doTERRA Oils Specialist, Beverlee Baughman. 

We now offer three Basics Classes, Step 1, 2 & 3, encompassing most of Dr. Max’s teachings. Step Four; How to prepare Raw Food Dishes, is coming soon!

Our goal is to teach people how to take care of their health by following the Left Lemon System

Personal Bio:

Debra Lewis is a Holistic Health Coach with over ten years experience in natural wellness. She began her career in 2004 in the Atlanta area as a certified massage therapist and herbal consultant.  But her true passion, which is helping individuals heal the body of negative emotions, led her to pursue alternative training from the School of Possibilities DNA in Sandpoint, ID where she received a master’s certification as a DNA healing practitioner in 2006.   She also received training in Relaxed Focused Attention therapy, from Dr. Reed Sainsbury, ND (naturopathic doctor) at Life Essentials in Rainbow, AL in 2008. 

 She continued her educational pursuits by taking classes in Iridology (eye-rid-ology), Birth Order Personality, and various other classes on healing the body with herbs and essential oils.   She’s read numerous books related to healing the mind, body and spirit. Her main focus in this work is to teach others that the true source of all healing is found through forgiveness by accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ.   She moved from the Atlanta area to West Columbia 3 years ago to work with Chiropractic patients in the office of Dr. Max Collins, DC in West Columbia.   She continues her career as a health coach by providing nutritional and lifestyle coaching for healthy weight-loss and disease prevention, to individuals and groups.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”  Thomas Edison, 1902

She was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. She is the mother of 7 “natural & single- birthed” children and grandmother to 9 grandchildren, with the 10th one due this year.   She has been a member of the Relief Society, the world’s largest women’s organization, since 1978.  She’s had experience in public speaking and served in several teaching positions in her church over the past 40 years. She is actively involved in seeking out her ancestry through family history work.  She currently serves in her church as the once monthly Relief Society instructor & the Stake Singles Rep in the LDS West Columbia Stake.  She believes that the most important work we can do in this life is to serve one another in love and lead souls to Christ.  

The Basics Step one class covers;

* How to heal your body with food

* How the digestive system works/how to keep it healthy

* How to use the “Left Lemon” Chart         

* How to maintain your ideal weight

* How to adapt to a raw food diet

* How essential oils benefit and heal the body

* How negative emotions affect the body & mind

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The Basics Step Two class covers:

* How to release blocks in the meridian systems

* How to per cuss congested lungs

* How to identify irritants to the digestive system                                          

* How to identify essential oils and supplements

  that release blocks in the digestive tract and meridian system     

* How negative emotions affect the body and where they are stored


The Basics Step Three  class covers:

* Healing emotions with  doTERRA essential oils

* How to identify and release negative emotions

   and beliefs affecting your heath and  relationships    

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To see Beverlee’s Story,  click here


For class schedules and prices click here!































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