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Meet doTERRA Oils Specialist Beverlee Baughman


My natural healthcare journey began nearly 20 years ago when I was having recurring digestive issues and migraines. Thank God I had a family member introduce me to a safe and natural approach to my issues. By clearing my diet of mostly dairy and sugar, my digestive problems quickly subsided. Then came my caffeine addiction…which was the culprit of my migraines. It took a couple of months of strict determination to rid my system of this substance, but by far was the best move I’ve made with my body! I don’t have these horrifying issues any longer!


I then got involved with Nature’s Sunshine Products and stuck to my new lifestyle. I’ve maintained my weight throughout the years with simple efforts of diet and moderate exercise. I felt wonderful…so I thought.


I started training with Dr. Max in August 2010 and realized my food choices were not as clean as I thought. My body’s PH was still too acidic and I was having some physical issues arise. What I had done early on was not enough and I had to cut down on my intake of animal protein. After realizing this one last culprit, I only eat meat 1-2 times a week now and have incorporated the 30/30/40 way of eating. I also include doTerra essential oils in my daily routine to help my body recover from issues on a regular basis.


DoTerra oils are my specialty and I am thankful for this blessing from God to help heal myself naturally. I am also blessed to be able to learn from Dr. Max and continue this journey. It’s simply a way of life for me each day. The Left Lemon System and doTerra oils keep my whole body balanced.


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