lemonade stand

The lemonade Stand

DR. MAXimize Your Health

By: Debra Lewis


Dr. MAXimize Your Health, 1st Edition Most of the materials covered herein are the teachings of Max Collins, DC Edited and published by Dr. Max Collins. This book follows Debra Lewis on a path to better health through proper exercise and nutrition.

Price: $10.00 USD


new basics

The basics by Stevie Allen (31 pages)

This is the handbook for the Left Lemon System.  It contains information not covered on the website which includes, examples of food to eat that compliment you and the Left Lemon System,  daily exercise routines,  recipes and rescue remedies.

Price: $20.00 USD





Cooking with the Collins’ by Lora Collins (32 pages)

Do you love home made wheat bread? This book contains the recipe that will make you forget about store bought bread forever! These recipes compliment the Left Lemon System so you can have more of a variety of wholesome food choices.

Price: $25.00 USD


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